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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Betting

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I'm A Celebrity 2019

Online TV betting has never been more fun and involving than trying to gage which famous (in their own household) television personality or celebrity is going to win the latest series of ITV1's jungle-based reality show, 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. Affording internet punters the opportunity to back the retired sportsperson, ex-glamour model, two-bit actor or fame-addicted politician who they believe can survive three weeks in an Australian jungle clearing in the close company of fellow attention seekers who desperately need their careers reviving, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here betting piques the interest of seasoned online gamblers, novices and the occasional punter alike.

It doesn't take long before viewers weed out those that will fall by the wayside and essentially determine the celebrities with the potential to go the distance and be crowned king or queen of the jungle, as voted for by TV viewers of each series watching back in the Nigeria. The best bet is to stake your claim for the celeb you think's going to reign supreme as soon as you can (courtesy of the myriad of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here betting sections found within online bookies' sites), and moreover, whilst the odds are good. Most of the leading internet bookmakers open competitive books on the show's outcome in the build up to the new series', and of course many entice the newbie online punter with their free bets sign-up incentives from the outset, so it's well worth having a good look around the individual virtual bookie's sites first.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Betting Fans Take Calculated Punt On Celebrities Jungle Successes

I'm A Celebrity Betting

So, to the uninitiated, what precisely is 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?' Airing once a year on ITV1 and ITV2 - although back in 2004 there was the two series', one in January, the other in the habitual November slot - it's a celebrity-involving reality show that affords TV viewers an insight into just how a gaggle of almost-forgotten celebs would interact and essentially gel as a unit if they were thrown together in a remote jungle clearing somewhere south of the equator and were responsible for their own actions. Were it not for a TV production crew, extreme condition experts and medical staff and loveable rapscallions Ant and Dec being on hand should things turn ugly.

The premise is a relatively shallow one that sees a heady brew of has been and have-never-been faux celebrities subjected to public scrutiny for three weeks or so a million miles from their comfort zone, and then one by one removed from what rapidly descends into their own private hell by kind-hearted TV viewing voters in the Nigeria. Usually once they've had their fun with the celebs by voting for the ones that bug them most to be immersed in a tank infected with, well, bugs. Or attacked by some marauding ostriches. Whatever sort of ritualistic public humiliation they see fit to bestow upon the one-time TV personality who we all believe would get the most out of the unique experience. And therein force the opinion as to who's the most likely celeb to emerge the winner amongst the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here TV Betting fans and virtual bookies adapting their prices and odds accordingly.

Jungle-Dwelling Celebs Challenge Online TV Betting Fan's Judgement

Of course any 'previous' or obvious initial differences are put to one side as the contestants – usually in double figures – quickly adapt to their new surroundings and on face value appear to make the best of a bad job. For the first couple of days. This is usually in spite of them having to overcome the first of what could potentially be many irrational fears and hang-ups after they've parachuted into the base camp that will serve as their makeshift home for the next three weeks or so. Yes, the action starts from the moment the celebs approach the rainforest clearing in Australia's uncompromising New South Wales, when they're asked to undertake the first of many entertaining tasks that will test both their physical endeavours and mental capacity.

The mask of fake pleasantry soon drops though as each celeb competitor soon realises they have little in common with those they're bunking on the jungle floor with, and – combined with people failing their food-winning Bushtucker Trials – is the time that the cracks soon begin to emerge and the fragile new relationships become what can best be described as strained. Roughly coinciding with an upsurge in TV audience viewing figures as the press and various online forums and fan sites pick up on what's going down in the jungle.

It's not just the notorious Bushtucker Trials that test the celebs mettle and nerve, it's also the underlying fact that they have to keep up appearances with people they'd normally avoid like the plague in everyday life, should their paths cross. Indeed the tribulations of the human endurance challenges posed by the Bushtucker Trials often pale into insignificance alongside the continual tongue-biting some of the celebrity campers have to do when finding themselves keeping close quarters (and therein your sanity) with former ITV Wackaday presenter, Timmy Mallett et al for more than 48 hours in a confined, controlled space without your creature comforts. And sedatives.


I'm A Celebrity TV Betting

Dubbed the 'Bushtucker Trials', these daily challenges offer the opportunity for one or more members of the 'I'm A Celebrity' camp to participate in some form of quasi-dangerous or disgusting challenge for the titillation of the viewing audience back at home. If of course they succeed in their task - usually by collecting tokens for their efforts - then these are exchanged for a square meal or some treats. Depending on the number of win tokens they amass in the allotted time, determines how many contestants eat that evening. Which results in much finger-pointing and grudge-bearing when it doesn't all go according to plan despite the soon-to-be protagonists applauding the 'losers' on their return to camp as they sharpen their nails. Unfortunately (for them) the celebs don't actually volunteer to involve themselves in these tasks (be they wriggling their arms around in a tank of snakes or crawling through a pitch black cave complete with unseen - but felt - creepy crawlies), rather they are 'volunteered' by telephone voters in the Nigeria whose supporting role it is to chose which celebrity they consider most 'deserves' the opportunity. Without a hint of sarcasm.

It's not just the competitors that feel short-changed though, as the show has often come under fire and suspicion as rumours circulated amongst the cynical that the jungle setting was just that; an elaborately designed set, pieced together to resemble an authentic tropical rainforest feel. Naturally this was strongly denied by the production company, as past contestants were asked to validate the actual location once and for all as Dungay in north eastern New South Wales, Australia. Accusation to the contrary however, just wont go away, as critics suggest in reality the celebs are holed up a mere 30 miles from Queensland's Gold Coast and within spitting distance of a luxury hotel.


I'm A Celebrity TV

Whilst at the beginning of the the 'I'm A Celebrity' franchise back, TV personalities of yesteryear were thrown a lifeline back into the general public's conscience (and onto the advertisers radar), resulting in all manner of lucrative commercial and sponsorship contracts being thrashed out, latterly speaking it's widely regarded as an unwise career choice by sceptics, who now feel that participation on the ITV1 show seems more like a kiss of death rather than the shot in the arm that provided forgotten-about celebrities the chance to turn around their flagging careers and accumulative fortune.

And as evidence of this accusation, look no further than today's biggest drama queen, Kerry Katona. Until recently frozen food-store Iceland's pin-up girl and one-time Mum of the Year award winner, Kerry Katona's - if you recall she won the 2004 series - previously dimming star ended up in the ascendancy once again, as she seemingly battling her demons and managed to win over the public once and for all despite some false starts. Now however the ex-Atomic Kitten is back in the news for her various addictions and subsequently losing her lucrative Iceland Foods contract and anything else that's left of her self esteem/control and any last vestiges of decorum.

And what of Katie Price? There was probably many I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here betting fans who thought she'd emerge from the TV set/clearing victorious when she entered the New South Wales jungle as bumper-fronted, man-eating self-publicist extraordinaire, Jordan in the same year, yet left it as born again, and completely reinvented Katie Price, having been 'discovered' by washed-up 1990s singer Peter Andre. Only for her new image to have gone t**s up in 2009 thanks to the public backlash to her actions in the aftermath of her marriage break-up with the 'Mysterious Girl' singer, who were anything but enamoured with her rapid return to previous form which saw the glamour model-turned-author end up as public enemy number one after a series of well documented and ill-judged, post-separation public outings.

Although stopping short of intonating that the show is cursed in any way, 'I'm A Celebrity' victor, Carol Thatcher inadvertently became a victim of sorts when she got caught up in a race-row on the BBC for allegedly describing bears as golliwogs live on breakfast television , whilst other winners such as Joe Pasquale,Matt Willis and Christopher Biggins might have side-stepped any controversies, yet haven't exactly been prolific in relaunching their careers.


I'm A Celebrity

Another ugly side to 'I'm A Celebrity' in the eyes of the public, is the greed sometimes expressed by contestants, or rather, potential contestants who've been lined up to take part on the annual show. The official line on this is that celebrities supposedly nominate a charity of their choice to which Granada Television (the production company responsible for bringing I'm A Celebrity to our screens) make donations. The celebs then receive a one-off 'fee' to compensate them for lost earnings during their stay on the prime time show. Although even recently it was thought that Sharon Osbourne turned down the chance to appear on 'I'm A Celebrity' on the grounds of her angling for a greater fee.

Love it or loathe it, 'I'm A Celebrity' is still with us, and could be for some time to come, so on a final note you may want to remind yourselves of those celebs who survived the experience and ran out eventual winners.

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